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Please read this inform­a­tion before you under­take any form of min­istry from the Riverlife Life­Centre ministers. 

You and Your Sozo
Con­fid­en­ti­al­ity and Dis­clos­ure
As per the require­ments of state and fed­eral legis­la­tion, and the Riverlife Adult Dis­clos­ures Policy, cli­ents of the Riverlife Life­Centre should be aware that dis­clos­ure of cur­rent or his­tor­ical legal offences may require report­ing to appro­pri­ate authorities.

The con­tent of Riverlife Life­Centre min­istry ses­sions will not be shared bey­ond the min­istry team, other than in the case of dis­clos­ure of illegal acts. Whilst it is not com­mon prac­tice for details of Life­Centre min­istry ses­sions to be dis­cussed within the team, the team may mon­itor appoint­ment lists to ensure cli­ent alloc­a­tion is man­aged appropriately.

In the course of provid­ing our ser­vices, notes about per­sonal and sens­it­ive inform­a­tion are made. Our prac­tice is to des­troy these notes at the end of the ses­sion as part of the min­istry pro­cess. How­ever, our policy is not to des­troy our notes about dis­clos­ures you make to us regard­ing an offence that you have com­mit­ted or that has been com­mit­ted against you in the past. Such notes are held on secure file and are kept confidential.

There are lim­its as to when we may dis­close inform­a­tion to oth­ers without your con­sent. This may occur in the fol­low­ing situ­ations:
1. when we are leg­ally required to do so eg it is sub­poenaed by court or it relates to an instance of harm; or
2. when we assess that poten­tial harm may res­ult to your­self or another per­son or persons.

Scope of Min­istry
The vari­ous min­is­tries under­taken by staff and volun­teers of the Life­Centre are restric­ted to the areas of prayer- based sup­port, and invit­a­tion for God to heal hearts and bod­ies. Whilst being adequately trained for the ser­vices they deliver, Life­Centre min­is­ters are not neces­sar­ily qual­i­fied coun­sel­lors, med­ical prac­ti­tion­ers, or men­tal health pro­fes­sion­als. As such, cli­ents should not con­sider any­thing dis­cussed to be either pro­fes­sional or pre­script­ive advice.

Sum­mary of Your Ses­sion
One of the Min­istry team will be record­ing key truths that God has revealed to you from your first ses­sion. These will be given to you at the end of your session.

Your Per­sonal Respons­ib­il­ity
Cli­ents of the Riverlife Life­Centre retain per­sonal respons­ib­il­ity for their per­sonal, voca­tional, mar­ital and all other life choices. Life­Centre min­is­ters take no respons­ib­il­ity for the rami­fic­a­tions of a client’s indi­vidual actions post- ministry. In regard to spir­itual growth, cli­ents should be aware that fail­ure to alter think­ing and actions to be in line with scrip­tural prin­ciples may hinder the ongo­ing work of the Holy Spirit in their development.

Riverlife Life Centre con­tact details are: PO Box 29 Ken­more QLD 4069 | 07 3378 7624 |