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Prayer is not just a

means to an end or

something we have to do.

Prayer is fundamental in

our relationship with


Prayer is not just a means to an end or something we have to do. Prayer is fundamental in our relationship with Jesus.

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A bit about me
I’m married to a super guy called Mick and we have two hilarious boys called Max and Scotty. When we’re not challenging each other to a strategic board game, we are out walking through a rainforest somewhere, camping in our swags with friends, or getting loud with karaoke!
Most defining moment
It’s hard to put my finger on my most defining moment but I would say it’s been a series of answered prayers that have defined my relationship with Jesus. I remember the first prayer I prayed: that Jesus would be Lord of my life, that He would take away my depression, and fill that space with His love for me. My life changed after that, my depression was gone and I knew, just like Hagar in Genesis 16, that I had prayed to the “God that sees me”. From then on I knew God was real and I hungered after Him. I started praying night and day for everyone and everything, and suddenly Jesus was answering my prayers: my first answered prayer of salvation; being delivered from depression; seeing healing on the streets; prophetic words that healed the hearts of kids in Juvenile Detention; physical healing in Egypt; seeing miracles in the life of my youngest son; family members one-by-one finding salvation in Jesus; and all the answered prayers in between! All of these prayers, filled with joy and sorrow, tears and laughter, have been the defining moments in this continuing adventure I have with Jesus. My heart and mind have been, and continue to be, transformed forever. I am humbled daily by God's love, mercy and grace for me and the world around me.
Why I do it
The fact I am redeemed and set free from the curse of misery and death, and it was Jesus who did it, never ceases to amaze me - I am forever thankful! Not only is this true, but He chooses us to be a part of His plan. I know all things are possible in Christ Jesus and I believe we must start with, continue, and end with a prayer to truly walk in the freedom, authority and power He gives us. I love prayer: it’s my passion, it’s not just a means to an end or something we have to do. Prayer is a wonderful life journey, filled with excitement and adventure, of love and relationship with Jesus and each other. Jesus is building and equipping Riverlife to step into our calling as a house of prayer for the nations! This doesn’t mean we will be sitting in a dark room off to the side praying boring prayers. Just like my journey of prayer, God is asking us to join Him on this exciting adventure, to pray in all situations, and to find Him through prayer. He wants to show us His power, His mercy, His love (and so much more) through our prayers. Throughout the Bible we see when God's people pray, God listens, and He moves. We are called to be a house of prayer for the nations: who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

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