Brisbane Youth Detention Centre Pastoral Assistant

One night God spoke to me

clearly, saying: “I sent

you to this world to love

my people as I love you”.

One night God spoke to me clearly, saying: “I sent you to this world to love my people as I love you”.

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A bit about me
Originally from the UK, I have had lots of practice finding my feet in a new country – having lived in England, France, Hong Kong and now Australia. I am always on the lookout for fresh faces to welcome – knowing the impact of kindness and value of community. My heart is to welcome, encourage and connect others into God’s family.
I am creative at heart and I find that wet paint flows into prayer, worship and intercession. I lead the Worship Art team at Riverlife and recently helped paint worship art murals in Juvie.
I was probably too serious as a kid, so now I make up for it by doing the unexpected (taking up Krav Maga!) and celebrating the freedom and boldness that is mine as a loved child of God.
Most defining moment
I will never lose the wonder of the fact that God wrapped his arms around this performance driven teen, squeezed the fear out of me, and set me on my feet as a secure child of God. He delivered me from introspection and insecurity and fuelled me to reach out and extend the generous welcome he lavished upon me.
Why I do what I do
I know Jesus’ victory is too good, too generous to hoard - he did not die for my convenience and comfort, but to bring the light and life to all mankind. It is sometimes challenging going into Juvie because of the perceived risk of rejection, failure or fatigue. I was never one of the ‘cool kids’ at school. I lack the street cred that might recommend me to prison ministry. However, this is where I get to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit and relevance of the gospel.
In the words of one of my favourite songs: “He is good news for the captive, good news for the shamed, good news for the one who walked away. He is good news for the doubter, the one religion failed; for the good Lord has come to seek and save. He is beauty for the blind man, riches for the poor. He is friendship for the one the world ignores. He is pasture for the weary, rest for those who strive. The good Lord is the Way, the Truth, the Life. He’s OUR rescuer.” (no exceptions!)

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