IT Coordinator

Thankful to be serving

in the house of God!

Thankful to be serving in the house of God!

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A bit About Me
I've had a diverse background over the years in a range of roles including computer operations, office administration, musician, studio engineer and cameraman. I am married to Dona and have two grown daughters, Phoebe and Tessa, and two beautiful granddaughters, Riley and Mia.
I love bike riding and can often be found on a long ride throughout Brisbane and South-east Queensland. These days though, after a serious bike accident, Dona makes sure I carry my phone with me, so she always knows where I am. I also love playing music, particularly guitar, and have played in a range of groups over the years, which is what led me to live in Queensland.
Most Defining Moment
Having grown up in a Catholic family and school environment, it wasn’t until I was in my mid-30s, that I began to think more deeply about what I believed. It was through the ministry of KBC, and in particular Ric Benson, that I committed my life to Christ. I have always had a deep interest in theology, exegesis and the deeper aspects of God's Word what it means to be a believer.
Why I do it
I have a heart to serve our church family and use my skills wherever I can. The opportunity to work here gives me a great sense of purpose and joy, especially being able to help and serve people.

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