REACH Pastor

God is a missional God.

He is on mission.

No one is beyond

His reach!

God is a missional God. He is on mission. No one is beyond His reach!

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A bit about me
I joined the Riverlife team with more than 22 years of International Development and Microfinance experience.

Throughout my career and into my role here at Riverlife, I have had continued involvement with and actively advocate for justice for the poor, exploited, and oppressed.

I love to see people catch sight of who God created and destined for them to be, and love walking alongside, supporting and disciple people as they respond to God's invitation to transform and empower them!

As incredible as all of that is, I am most thankful to God for blessings me with my husband John, to whom I’ve been married to for more than 27 years and for our two awesome boys - Jake and Liam!
Most defining moment
God has had me on an intense journey where He allows my heart to break with the things that break His heart. At times in my life that has been quite overwhelming, yet I continue to learn that as I abide in Him, seeking to more and more deeply understand His heart, obey His leading and express His heart-in-action, His Spirit gives me the grace to step in and do what I could never endure or do in my own strength. Realising that there are millions destitute of the Word of God and knowledge of Jesus Christ, it was impossible to think of not investing what remains of my life into making Him known.
Why I do it
God is a missional God. He is on a mission. No one is beyond His reach!

He calls all those who believe in Him to join Him. I feel an urgency around unpacking excuses and removing all fear that those who call Jesus their Lord and Saviour experience when they hear words like outreach, evangelism, and mission. I desire to activate Spirit-empowered believers to boldly declare and demonstrate Christ Jesus to a watching world!

If you are exploring what it is to REACH others out of the overflow of God’s love, come in and let’s catch up, pray and see how together, we can equip, support, or connect you as you seek to obey God’s prompting on your life to go out on your frontline and beyond to the ends of the earth!

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