Riverlife Youth

For Grade 7 – 12

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Pastor Scott McKinnon

P 07 3378 3595

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May 21 @ 5:00 pm
70 Obi Obi Rd
Mapleton, QLD

Riverlife Youth is back!

Friday nights 6.30-9pm (during term times)

Sunday Youth Church 9am 

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For regular program updates, calendars and all things youth, check out

The adolescent years are the most pivotal time in a person’s life. In an ever-evolving culture young people often find themselves left to figure this period out on their own.

Our program on Friday afternoons and evenings provides a way in which young people can come after a big week at school and home and come and gather with other youth in a fun and positive environment. The are encouraged, challenged and have a space where they can discuss questions about their lives, beliefs and the world around them. We believe that they deserve to be both valued and accepted whilst being guided to make positive choices now that will set them up for the rest of their life.


Here at Riverlife Youth, we split up the age groups into three clusters: Pioneers (year 7-8), Citizens (year 9-11) and Tribe (year 12). Alongside these larger parts, each student will have intentional time in their gender and year level groups. We call these Life Groups. These are led by a few trusted Young Adults of Riverlife who encourage, support and bless each student each Friday and throughout the week. This year we are running the following type of nights, check it out.

All In – We are going ALL IN to encounter the presence of our loving Father. Come with your mates ready for a fresh taste of the goodness of God through times of radical worship and empowering preaching. We’re serious about fun, and so we’ll still have hangs and games kicking off at 6.30pm for anyone in year 7-12. All your supper needs will be covered with some tasty grub provided weekly.

Break Out – Focused program nights for each of our Pioneers (year 7-8), Citizens (year 9-11) and Tribe (year 12) crews to dig into the truth of God’s Word after a solid group worship sesh. Expect fun, great food and relevant messages. Invite a friend along for games and hangs with a 6.30pm launch time for years 7-11! We usually finish up around 9pm. Please note, that if you are in Tribe, you will be often be meeting offsite. Contact the church for the address and more information.

Off Campus [OC] – Off campus nights where youth gather with their mates and leaders at various social venues around Brisbane. Cost TBA, information handed out prior to the event.

Other Information
Youth Church | Every Sunday
Youth Church runs each Sunday during the school term alongside the 9am service. Great devotionals and discussions in a fun youth-filled environment. Meet in the Youth Hall.