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    NOTE: Please click the "Send" button below when you have completed this online form. A Moreh Team member will contact you to arrange a meeting and to supply you with a Life History Form to complete.

    Please allow up to 3-4 days for us to reply to your booking request. If your matter is extremely urgent please contact the church office.

    MOREH – Who are we?

    Those serving in this ministry are not, and do not profess to be, professional counsellors.  More precisely, we are “Prayer Ministers” who use Biblical principles and prayer to assist those who come for ministry to live their lives in accordance with God’s Word. We do not give life advice, but are coming to sit with you, listen and pray.

    What can we offer you?

    What is offered is not a “fix-it” solution to all problems. Much will depend on your own personal will to assist in your healing and release from anything that may be preventing you from experiencing joy and peace in your life. In almost every case, the perceived problem is usually just the starting point and healing largely comes through understanding how and why we experience difficulties in our relationship with God and others. In all circumstances, we will use sensitive prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the application of Scripture to determine the course of action. Above all, however, we wish to emphasize that it is God who sovereignly determines and chooses whom he touches and brings about healing in their lives. No matter how diligent we are, or how fervent, obedient or careful we are in praying and in the same way, for those who come for prayer, healing is not a matter of our own will or choice but it is all dependent upon God and his divine will in our lives. We simply come before the throne of Grace to seek his mercy (Heb 4:16) and we do this together.

    What commitment do you need to make?

    The direction the ministry will take will be influenced by the information volunteered through the Life History form, so please prayerfully consider your answers when responding to the questions.  The basic requirement of the ministry involves your recognition of the suitability of this ministry for you and your acceptance that there will be a need for you to reflect on your personal approach to life. This may require that you also review your life both past and present and how this potentially influences current issues. In this light, you may also experience a need to repent, to seek forgiveness not only from God but also from others and perhaps to forgive others for hurts they may have caused you. Subsequently, you may find it necessary to turn away from any lifestyle that could be a stumbling block in your relationship with God and your fellow human beings.

    What to do if things don’t feel right.

    If during Ministry you feel it is not for you, you can discontinue at any time. During the time of prayer ministry, you are encouraged to be honest with those praying for you and share any concerns directly if you would like to. This may just mean that this type of Ministry is not for you or it may not be the right time in your life to take this journey. If this happens your questionnaire will be returned to you. At any time, if you have any concerns, you will be encouraged to contact the team leaders or a Riverlife Baptist Church Pastor.

    What next?

    The Life History Inventory provides a guideline to help you decide whether this ministry is what you are looking for. If you decide that this is the path you want to take, please complete the Life History form as best you can and to the extent you choose, and return it to the address listed on the cover page of the form. You can attach additional information to clarify your own story if you would like to. Please be assured that all information is treated in the strictest confidence. We are only authorised to provide this service to adherents of Riverlife Baptist Church. To assist us in extending to you this ministry that you have sought, we respectfully request that you sign the authorisation that appears on the last page of this Life History Inventory before we can commence.

    The Ministry of Reconciliation and Emotional Healing is free.

    The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain a comprehensive picture of your background.  By completing these questions as fully and accurately as you can you will help expedite your Ministry of Reconciliation and Emotional Healing.

    You are requested to answer these routine questions in your own time, instead of using up your actual ministry time.


    Riverlife Life Centre con­tact details are: PO Box 29 Ken­more QLD 4069 | 07 3378 7624 |