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“I long to see people discover that God loves them and likes them, and they bring something of worth and importance to the world.”

If you told my 13-year-old self I’d be a pastor one day… I don’t think I’d believe you.

I’ve been coming to this church since I was born, but honestly, I remember thinking the whole idea of becoming a pastor was one of the worst things. I was terrified of public speaking, so the fact I’m now part of the preaching team really just reflects God’s sense of humour.

I’ve always been hungry to study new things, to be a life-long learner. I’m probably what you’d call a bit of a ‘geek’.  I used to order Bible studies and write material just for the fun of it, years before I ever started working at the church!

But God really did a work in me to move all the head knowledge about Him, down to my heart. Through that whole process, God opened my eyes to His vision for people around me and I haven’t been able to step back from it since.

I started working at our church in 2007 as an assistant, and over five years, God gradually grew a hunger in me to step into a pastoral role. He stirred a passion to help people connect with Him in a real, substantial and life-transformational way. I want people to discover that God loves them and likes them; that He has made each one of us in His image and so we bring something of worth and importance to the world.

Life is always an adventure with my beautiful wife Penny and our four crazy children: Noah, Isaac, Judah, and Rose. Give me coffee, music, books and board games – and I’d be a very happy man!