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“I love seeing people develop and grow, both spiritually and mentally.”

I’m known around here as ‘that Scottish woman’. It’s taken everyone about a year, but I’d say most people now understand my accent… kind of.

I became a Christian when I was 19 years old after a friend shared the gospel with me over a pint in a pub. I still remember that night so clearly. I went home and felt God speak so personally to me, so I made a commitment to follow Him right there on my bedroom floor.

I’ve always had a desire to help people through their crises, even before I became a Christian. I grew up experiencing some struggles of my own, and I think we’re often called to help people in areas we’ve battled ourselves. When I was younger, I just wanted someone to sit and talk with me, and that’s now what I get to do with my life.

Over the years, I’ve started my own counselling practice, done social work in Scotland and England, and was a Lay Pastor in the Anglican Church. There have been times I’ve tried to get away from these types of roles, but they always seem to find me!

I’m passionate about seeing people develop and grow, both spiritually and psychologically. I love helping people build a strong spiritual foundation in their lives and step into their calling as they discover God loves them unconditionally. And that’s why I’m a pastor here at this church!

My husband, Ken, and I are still settling into Australian life. We came here in 2014 with our daughter, Ella, but left behind our sons who still live and work over there. Being away from them can be really tough, and at times it can be hard to trust God that we’ve made the right decision to move. But God has everything in control and He has a plan in everything.