Ric Benson


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Consulting with and mentoring staff as requested
Overseas mission to India and Egypt
Working with other churches as a coach, trainer, counsellor and mentor


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P 07 3378 3595

“I am passionate about my relationship with God, the local church, and the development of Christian leadership.”

I served as our church’s Senior Pastor for 23 years, from January 1989 to July 2012… and what a ride that was! I had the privilege of leading our church as it transitioned from a mid-sized single-pastor conservative church, to a large multi-staff contemporary church.

Since stepping down from the role, the church has graciously released me from local church responsibilities to continue growing ministries I have been a part of for the last 30 years. I’m currently involved in counselling, mentoring, coaching, consulting and training people within Riverlife, in churches across Australia, and overseas in Egypt, India, and Armenia.

Over the years, God’s given me the incredible privilege of leading many people to Christ, discipling Christians, developing Christian leaders, developing two God-glorifying churches, helping other churches in their calling, and counselling people through their challenges. But after all these years, I still desire to walk more closely with God and receive greater wisdom so I can to make a significant impact for Christ’s kingdom until I depart from this world.

I love spending time my wife, children and grandchildren. My tank gets filled when I can explore God’s beautiful creation in Australia and overseas. Even now, I still enjoy learning new things, developing new skills, building projects and renovations, and listening to and playing jazz.