Robyn Robertson

Missions Pastor

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English Conversation Classes
International Student Ministry
Partnerships with Ethnic and Persecuted Churches
Partnerships with Overseas Ministries and Co-Workers
Short Term Teams
Pre-deployment Training
Post-deployment Re-entry Debriefing and Pastoral Care


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“I am passionate about what breaks the heart of God and what we are called to do about it.”

Stepping into the role of Missions Pastor is an amazing realisation of a calling God has had on my life since I was a teenager. It’s an incredible opportunity for me to combine my love for my home church, 20 years of experience working in International Development and a continued pursuit of social justice within a missional context.

As a young kid, God broke my heart for those in physical poverty and facing overwhelming need. However, it was the experiences of living and working in India as an adult that really accelerated and developed different aspects of my faith and my desire to make a difference. There was a deep realisation that in any and all situations, Christ was and would always be my all-in-all. This was no more evident than when John, my husband, and I worked alongside those who were devastated by the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 – all while I was four-and-a-half months pregnant! It was during this time that I could see in full HD the importance of understanding what it means to bring the good news that is both declared and demonstrated.

Since that time God has had me on a journey where I continue to learn that as I abide in Him, seeking to obey and express God’s heart-in-action, His Spirit gives me the grace to do what I could never do in my own strength.

God is a missional God. He is on mission. No one is beyond His reach! He calls all those who believe in Him to join Him.
If you are exploring what it is to REACH others out of the overflow of God’s love, come in and let’s catch up, pray and see how we can engage with you as you seek to obey God’s prompting on your life to go out on your frontline and beyond to the ends of the earth!

Riverlife REACH includes:
REACHout – Building capacity to engage the unengaged on our own frontlines, including International Students and people for whom English is another language.

REACHbeyond – To lead the development and extension of partnerships with those who go to the margins where Christ is not yet known or to strengthen and support the growth of the persecuted Church

REACHforJustice – Raising a Kingdom voice for systems change in areas that perpetuate poverty and injustice

REACHtoRestore – Offering genuine community and extending access to our ministries that facilitate restoration to those actively on frontlines for Jesus, Pastoral Care, Counselling and Inner Healing

REACHupwards – to mobilise Riverlife family to content for our short-term deployments, our co-workers and partners across the world in prayer