Ryan Vallee

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“I dream of a time when each follower of Jesus is alive to heartbeat of God for our community”

I was 17 years old when I began to seriously examine the life of Jesus and explore the Bible. As I did this, my eyes were opened to the exciting potential of what the invitation of God means for us all! My faith began to make sense of the big questions of life. As my personal relationship with Jesus grew, I felt a deep passion to serve the church and really love those around me.

I’m an Australian, Canadian and American citizen. I’ve worked with the marginalised in Mexico, served Indigenous communities in Australia, and helped struggling families in my neighbourhood. To me, the good news of Jesus touches all places and aspects of life! Whatever our history, God has a destiny in mind for us where we come alive to the love story our lives are a part of. The only question is if we’re ready to align ourselves with Him towards this great plan! I’m blessed because my wife Bec desires to share God’s love in the same way. She has a heart for those living on the margins, and as a nurse, desires to bring life and compassion to those who need it most.

My dream is to see all Christians sense the heartbeat to “go” – to share and live out the good news of God’s reign wherever we are. You don’t need to be professional or perfect – you just need to follow Jesus as you step into the places you go each day.

I’ve studied psychology (BA, WWU) and theology (MSC, Regent College). I love boxing, beach runs, and a big breakfast. Count me in for any kind of adventure! If I had my way, I’d take a big hike with Bear Grylls and beat Hugh Jackman at an arm-wrestling contest… but Bear/Hugh… I’ll settle for just coffee and a chat if you’re reading this.

Ryan’s Ministry Areas Include:

City Prayer Gathering

Street Teams


Creation Care

Park Outreach

Riverlife Football & Netball Clubs

Aged Care Outreach

Local Networking with RI, chaplains, and social services