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“I am passionate about nations (nations overseas and nations in our backyard) and equal partnership between East and West as the key to reaching the nations.”

If there’s one word that sums up my life, it’s probably ‘obedience’. If I hear God giving me a clear word, I follow it… whatever the cost. When my parents disowned me for being a pastor, I followed God anyway. When I felt called to take my three young children to another country as a missionary, I did it.

My life has taken many twists and turns over the years. I was born in the middle of a paddy field in China, grew up in Malaysia, lived in New Zealand and I’m now an Australian. I studied Engineering, postgraduate Business Administration and Divinity in New Zealand, Australia and America. God has been faithful through it all.

I was working for a big company in New Zealand when God called me into full-time ministry to become the first Chinese pastor in one of the fastest-growing Caucasian churches. We lived in New Zealand for 16 years, but then God called me to go to Malaysia as a missionary with my wife Anthea and our children – Lee, Paul and Mei-Li.

I’ve since had the privilege of serving in Australia and more recently as Missions Pastor at Riverlife for 12 years (August 2006 to March 2019), taking the predominantly Caucasian church towards an International church. In my new season, I am now enjoying having more time to spend with my grandchildren, travelling and discovering new hobbies with Anthea. I continue to have a heart for the nations, mentoring the next generations to live out their God-given callings and am looking forward to the new season of serving the global church.