Foundations Course


Riverlife Kids is excited to run Foundations again this year for all grade six children to participate in. Designed uniquely for them during term three and four this year, it is optional and will require commitment.

At this pivotal time in their lives before high school, we firmly believe it is a great opportunity for them to spend time thinking about what they really believe, laying firm foundations for the years ahead.  The group will be involved in activities on and off the Riverlife premises, with various engaging spiritual, fun and practical serving opportunities.

Foundations will run from 8.30am to 11.30am each Sunday, July 15th – November 25th, with a holiday break mid-semester.

Foundations Course


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In enrolling my child into the Foundations course, I accept that leaders of the course will be responsible for my child during the course and I give them permission to arrange for safe transport of my child to attend any activities offsite from Riverlife Baptist Church, general details of which will be advised to me in advance.

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