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Riverlife has mission partners in countries across the world. We have opportunities to pray for, to give to, or to go on Short-term missions, placements and internships.

If you would like to explore opportunities to spread the good news to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth – we offer you a range of support and resource options to equip and empower you to declare and demonstrate Christ Jesus!

The first step is to complete the Expression of Interest form below. This will help us connect with you and set up a time to find out more about how God is awakening you to join Him in His mission!

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    Newly arrived - Refugees, Migrant Workers
    International Students
    National Disasters
    Community Outreach


    Unreached People Groups (UPGs)
    First Generation / Emerging Church
    Persecuted Church
    Strengthening existing Church


    Slavery, Human Trafficking and Bonded Labour
    Highlighting systems that perpetuate injustice


    Ministering to those on the frontline
    Pre-Departure and Post Trip Debriefing
    Home Visit Hospitality
    Pastoral Care


    Creative Arts
    Business/ Marketplace Ministry
    Technology & Production
    Social Media


    Intercession & Prophetic Prayer
    Worship Ministry

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    Christian Testimony

    In this portion of the Expression of Interest, you have the opportunity to give an expression of your Christian faith. Remember there are no right or wrong answers. We are keen to capture your heart and statements about your faith journey to this point in your life.

    We have put a word limit on each question to encourage you to be brief but know that there will be time once we have received your Expression of Interest, to hear your story in more detail.

    Describe how and when you became a Christian? (300 words)

    In your daily life, what does Jesus Christ mean to you? (300 words)

    What do you believe Jesus Christ has called you to do? (300 words)

    Are there any skills, gifts, qualifications, passion areas that have been awakened, that has been part of prompting? (100 words)

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    If "Yes" please let us know which language/s you speak and the level of ability you possess. If "No" please check "N/A" in the fields below.

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    Language spoken:

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