We commit to walking

alongside you:

come as you are!

We commit to walking alongside you: come as you are!

The Buckets program was established on the foundational premise that every person has the right to self-determination. We choose to focus on people as uniquely and beautifully made in God's image, and not people defined as their deficits or circumstances or diagnosis.

At Riverlife, we believe God has a wonderful plan for your life, and that you are always more than the circumstances and challenges that you might face! We commit to ensuring we provide loving environments that help support and empower you on your journey, and desire that you might have the opportunity to know and experience God’s love and faithful provision. 

We commit to walking alongside you – come as you are!  


Buckets of Hope 

Support for students and school communities via the Scripture Union Chaplaincy Program


Chaplaincy exists to bring God’s love, hope and good news to children, young people, their families and the teaching faculty. It is dedicated to seeing each child and young person connected and positively supported in community, serving others and experiencing fullness of life.


To see a complete list of items you can donate, click here.


Buckets for Bubs  

Support for expecting mothers or new mothers experiencing hardship  


Buckets for Bubs is an initiative that receives donations and sources new and high-quality near-new baby items, care resources, clothing and blankets, to create and sustain a pool of resources we can then draw from to respond to support the needs of new mums in our community. 


Buckets of Joy  

Support for families experiencing hardship in the lead up to Christmas 


Buckets for Joy is a Riverlife initiative that aims to support families who are struggling financially, emotionally or physically with resources to join together with their family and friends in celebration at Christmas. We aim to support families in our local community, identified through our partnerships with local School Chaplains and community agencies, and through our Riverlife Street Teams practical support program. 


Want to get involved? 

Amazing donations from our Riverlife community, local school communities, the general public and local businesses, all make the Buckets program possible. 


If you would like to contribute materially for Buckets for Bubs, we are now only taking new clothing items, baby blankets and toys. However, if you are someone who knits, crochets or sews baby items, we are very keen to receive handmade items. 


Got Questions? 

To find out more information, clarify the type of support the Riverlife Buckets program offers or to make a referral of a family, mum in need or local primary or secondary school student, please click here


Riverlife’s Buckets initiative does not force disclosure of means as a test and barrier to access support needed, however does prioritise those who come to our attention via referral by Chaplains, a local support agency or relationship connection through the Riverlife wider community. 


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