Create the right path and people

can find their way to Christ.

Create the right path and people can find their way to Christ.

God is calling you by name. We can walk with you. We are all on life-journeys that are both individual and connected. Riverlife simply offers you ways to take the next step on that journey. You may be curious about Christianity; wishing to grow spiritually; ready to get involved in kingdom work; or looking for ways to spread God’s message. We provide courses, connections and a culture that fosters spiritual vitality, healthy disciplines and that inspire progress.



our courses


Starting Out

Introducing Christianity & Church Life

Summary of course

Have you said yes to following Jesus, but have questions about what that means for your daily life? Ever wondered why God is three and yet one? Got questions about prayer and reading your Bible? Starting Out is for you!

Covering the essential building blocks of the Christian faith and Riverlife's church culture, this will get you ready to grow in your relationship with Jesus!

Delivered one-on-one over five easy sessions, the Starting Out course is a great way to find out what we believe as you begin your journey as a believer.


How to grow and change with God’s power.

Summary of course

Walking out our relationship with God can be challenging. We have suffered all sorts of wounds and struggle with all sorts of issues. Transforming is designed to help you get free and stay free in Jesus!

Transforming will equip you with effective tools to stay close to God in your daily walk with Him. It will help you work through the things that hold us down and back from God's plan for our lives, and you'll learn to do this in the context of worship, prayer, community and God's presence.

Transforming runs twice a year.


Under­stand­ing the spe­cific and gen­eral calls on your life.

Summary of course

We are all created with a purpose and call from God. But it can be hard to work out what that means, and how to faithfully carry that out. Have you ever wondered what spiritual gifts you may have, and how you can use them in your daily life? And where does your personality and heart desires fit in with that?

Engaging takes a look at how God has made us, how He has gifted and called us, and how we go about partnering with God on his mission in the earth.

Focussing on equipping believers to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, Engaging will help you step into the call on your life.

Engaging runs twice a year.


Get help to recognise and release the wounds of the past to walk in freedom and victory in your life.

Summary of course

Staying free and dealing with the deepest facets of our Christian faith can be daunting and overwhelming, if not impossible!

Restoring takes a journey through the foundational practices of forgiveness, repentance, freedom and living in the Spirit, while dealing with the deepest areas of struggle that so many people are confronted with: fear, unforgiveness, addiction and deep personal wounds.

Restoring is a safe place to walk into healing, and to be equipped with the principles of biblical inner healing.

Restoring runs twice a year.

Living an abundant life.

Living an abundant life.

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