“For this is the covenant that I will make
with the house of Israel after those days,
declares the Lord: I will put my laws into
their minds, and write them on their hearts,
and I will be their God, and they shall be
my people.”

Sunday, 28 April – Sunday, 2 June

Featuring daily devotions, Life Group studies, Sunday messages and podcasts.

God is wonderful! At Riverlife, we have been so blessed by God as we have sought to seek His presence together as family. He has answered our prayers that we might be a people empowered by His presence and have the honour of being able to ‘show and tell’ His great love to those around us.

We believe that as we grow and step into all that He has for us at Riverlife, our sense of commitment to God and each other becomes central to the work He wants to do through us. We believe that the biblical idea of ‘covenant’ reflects this mutually beneficial relationship and commitment between us and God. It is entirely imbalanced: we received so much more than we ever give, but it’s a two-way street regardless! God is inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him, into a committed ‘covenant’ relationship.

Series Overview

Running from Sunday, 28 April to Sunday, 2 June, with five daily devotions for each week, and a Life Group Study series that follows the Sunday messages each week for five weeks, this series is an opportunity to align your heart and life with what we believe God has called us to here at Riverlife. Below, you will find all the resources you’ll need to be ‘all in’ for this important season.

Daily Devotions

You can view these online, or download from the Issuu online viewer. There are five per week, helping to unpack and explore the main ideas outlined in our Sunday services. There are also daily ‘Covenant Challenges’ to help you apply all these great ideas to practical living.

Get the Daily Devotions here.

Life Group Studies

You can view these online, or download from the Issuu online viewer. These studies build off the Sunday messages, helping ground the messages in practical, experiential covenant living. Each group study has some questions, reflections, discussions, and an experiential element that helps each group member to engage with God and each other in different ways.

Get the Life Group Studies here.

Sunday Messages 

Message 1: God and Us (Ps John Robertson)

Message 2: You and Me (Ps Ryan Vallee)

Message 3: Present (Ps John Robertson)

Message 4: Surrendered (Ps Jo Leutton)

Message 5: Radically Generous (Ps John Robertson)

Message 6: Committed (Ps John Robertson)


Both our Bible Streams and Going Deeper podcasts are unpacking Covenant throughout this series.

Bible Streams – Covenant 1: Covenant in the Old Testament

Bible Streams – Covenant 2: Covenant in the New Testament

Bible Streams – Covenant 3: Present, Surrendered, Radically Generous


Going Deeper – Covenant 1: God & Us – A Testimony

Going Deeper – Covenant 2: You & Me – A Testimony

Going Deeper – Covenant 3: Present – A Testimony

Going Deeper – Covenant 4: Surrendered – A Testimony

Going Deeper – Covenant 5: Radically Generous – A Testimony

Going Deeper – Covenant 6: Committed