Celebrating our friends in Richlands!

There's a beautiful sound coming from a neighbouring church called Divine Ministries

“We leave nothing in the tank. We leave everything at the altar.” – Oti

Words: Nikki Peck Published: 13 November 2023

About two months ago, on a Wednesday, many of us working in the church office heard a sound. And it caught our attention.


A deep, powerful noise was coming from the Prayer Room.


As we went to explore, we found a group of about 30 worshippers who had come from a neighbouring church a few suburbs away.


As soon as we opened the door, it felt like we were transported to a heavenly place. Their praises carried weight and power, and the tears started flowing for most of us.


The group is from a beautiful church called Divine Ministries, based 10 minutes away in Richlands. They’re running a worship conference, called Worship Now, at Riverlife in February 2024, and had come to worship in our Prayer Room in preparation. They came to bless the Lord and we ended up getting blessed in the process!


The last five years have been a wild ride for Senior Pastors Oti and Trish. The church has grown rapidly since it relocated to Richlands three years ago.


“In some ways, we’re still trying to catch up to the move of God,” Trish shares. “We were based in Bundamba, Ipswich, and God told us to relocate to Richlands and we didn’t even know what was there or what it would even look like. But we slowly realised there was a massive need in the area, and we got flooded by young adults. They are just so hungry for God,” she says.


Worship and praise is a deep passion for Oti and Trish, and they have spent the last five years seeking the Lord for a fresh revelation of what’s at the heart of it.


“Worship comes down to heart posture,” Oti shares. “When you think of all God has done, you can’t help but worship Him and thank him for everything. We leave nothing in the tank every opportunity we get to worship God. We leave everything at the altar,” he says.


“In today’s world, when the Queen was in our midst, we acted a certain way. Even when we received an award from the Queen for something, we had to get on our knees to receive it. If we can do that in the natural with earthly queens, we can do that for the God who created the heavens and the earth. He’s the King,” Oti shares.


Three years ago, God gave Oti a vision to start Worship Now, which is a two-day conference that includes teaching, worship, and prayer.


“I was in hospital and God showed me this vision of bringing the Church together,” Oti says. “I was very close to dying and I had an infection growing on the side of my neck that was closing my airways. While I was in there, I got this picture where I was on a hill, looking down on Brisbane City. And there was lightning through all of Brisbane, and God showed me that was the separation between His children, His Church. He said He wanted to bring everyone together in worship and praise.”


Oti says in that moment, he had to decide if he wanted to act on it or not. Oti decided to say ‘yes’.


Worship Now is a space for the Church to gather and worship, no matter denomination or background. The idea started small three years ago as a two-day worship ‘camp’ for the worship team at Divine Ministries. And God just keeps growing it.


In its second year, 250 people attended Worship Now, and this year that grew to 502. Next year will be its fourth year in its new location here at Riverlife… and Oti and Trish are leaning on the Lord to provide!


“It’s so out of reach for us but God is with us,” Trish shares, so full of faith.


We’re cheering you on Divine Ministries! We’re excited to be part of the Church, united as we worship our great God together.


Click here to find out more and book your spot at Worship Now (22-23 Feb 2024).

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