Encouraging pastors in Vanuatu

Geoff Waugh shares his reflections from a recent trip

The Holy Spirit moved so beautifully in Vanuatu, as two Riverlifers spent two weeks encouraging the locals

Words: Geoff Waugh Published: 10 October 2023

David Scarlett and Geoff Waugh have just returned from a two-week mission trip to Pentecost Island, Vanuatu.


Here’s Geoff’s reflection from their time away…


Dave joined me on Pentecost Island for our trip, which involved meetings each night across four village churches. We also had morning services and some day sessions, where we spent a morning with the area pastors and time of praying for anointing for local leaders.


I visited there with teams often from 2003 and saw many movements of God’s Spirit in those 20 years. How can read more about it here: https://renewaljournal.com/2016/06/21/pentecost-on-pentecost.


This time the faith and expectation level at each meeting seemed higher than previously, the worship stronger, and 20-30 or more came for prayer each time, including prayer for healing, empowering, surrender and anointing. That often included anointing with oil for healing or empowering.


Their leaders appreciated the visit and the prayers of so many at Riverlife, and many locals tried out the spectacles sent from Riverlife people.


We stayed at beautiful tourist bungalows by the beach, run by a godly church elder, who also attended the many meetings and prayer times together. Our Spirit-led meetings and prayer combined nicely with South Pacific prayerful relaxation! Thank you to all those who prayed leading up to and during our trip.

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