Generations coming together

Next Gen Prayer + Worship Night Testimony

"We saw the Holy Spirit move through people, no matter what age they were."

Words: Nikki Peck Published: 10 October 2023

On Saturday night, our church gathered to pray for the next generations! Children, youth, and young adults came together to be blessed, encouraged, and prayed for by those who have gone before them.

Here are some reflections from our YA Pastor Sam Bricknell and our Worship Pastor Nick Riddel.




By Pastor Nick:

It’s moments like Saturday evening that remind you of the power of the intergenerational church and the impact of Psalm 145 where one generation commends His works to another. 83 year olds praying for 3 year olds; 12 year olds declaring to those that have gone before, ‘Don’t let yourself be afraid! Go for it God is with you!’


The simplicity of the gathering of God’s family to seek His face together and pray into the days ahead touched all who gathered. We see a generation that will taste and see that God is good, that will walk in His freedom, know who they are, and carry the good news boldly into a world seeking answers in the midst of darkness, fear and confusion. We see a generation who are free and free indeed, walking in the power of the Spirit that lives within them.  


Thank you to the young people of our church for shining forth the future of His church and to the generations that gave their Saturday evening to come out and stand side by side to say we are cheering you on and we believe the best for you. See you at the next one! 




By Pastor Sam:

During the night, we had our church pray for and give prophetic words for the Foundation kids. Foundations is a special program for kids in Grade 6 to help them go deeper in their relationship with God. It was incredible seeing so many people pray and bless the kids in our church and call out what God is doing in their lives.


We then had the kids turn around and pray for the adults in the room and bless them. Seeing generations praying for each other from adults to kids was such a joyful moment that was very special for everyone to be part of.


We heard from Pastor Claude about her story of freedom and got to walk that out in worship and prayer together. We spent some time declaring over the next generations what the Lord wanted to do through them in a time of testimony. It was great seeing kids and youth also get up and share what they saw God doing through each of us. I also took our generations through a time of surrender and being filled with the spirit.


We then went into a time of healing, where one of the Foundation boys was healed of shoulder pain and was so brave in sharing what the Lord had done with everyone in the room. We finished with a time of praying for the gifts of the spirt for our next generations.


The night was an incredible night of worship and prayer where the body of Christ came together to encourage one another. We saw the Holy Spirit move through people no matter what age they were!

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