Heart for the lost

Day Five

“We have this treasure in Jars of Clay. If we’re giving people the Jars of Clay, it’s going to be hard, but when we remember that we’ve got this treasure within us we’ve got access to the supernatural love and life that is not ourselves but Him.”

Words: Shélagh Walton Read: 0 - 5 mins Published: 2 July 2024

Grow our hearts for the lost, Lord


If I close my eyes and picture Jesus, and imagine how he interacted with the lost, I get stretched and challenged and uncomfortably inspired. Something in me hungers and says, this is what I want to be like, I desire to love people like you do Jesus.


I see Jesus moving towards the brokenhearted, listening, embracing, having compassion. I see Jesus noticing the one, the one that makes everyone else feel uncomfortable, who

everyone else pretends they didn’t see. He sees. I see Jesus engaging in awkward spaces where people are messing up, where there is darkness, where people are even against him, but Jesus, he is present, seeing, he is speaking life-giving Truth because he is so filled with love that he knows that this Truth will bring their freedom.


Love, boldness, compassion, purpose. He sees. He moves intentionally. He moves relationally and he knows who he is and who he is. He also knows who this ‘one’ has been created by and for.


Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He chose you and me, he saved us, and WE are vessels of his redemptive plan.


I encourage you to read John 4 and as you do, see how Jesus, even in his tiredness interacts and loves someone who is so lost. Every person that we encounter at work, in our family, in the streets, at the shops, in our tiredness and weakness, we all have something to give in these moments of time as we encounter them. Let’s not give them the jars of clay, let’s give them the treasure we carry inside us. He has empowered us and filled us with His Spirit, to give LIFE.


Let’s see, let’s stop, let’s listen, let’s feel, let’s have compassion, let’s overflow & give His Love and Life and Truth.

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