Meet Marg, our new Chair of the Elders

The woman behind the role

"Looking back, I can see my career experience has been really helpful in developing the skills needed to manage something as precious as His Church."

Words: Nikki Peck Published: 19 March 2024

“I am passionate about making sure no one gets left behind, that no one gets left out in God’s family, and that everyone has an opportunity to be welcomed.”


This is the heart motivation for our new Chair of the Elders, Marg Warren, who is about to celebrate her 20th year being part of Riverlife.


She’s served our church in many ways over the years – from online church host, to Kids Church leader, to Streams leader, to kitchen team leader, and catering team member. In recent years, she’s also been involved in the Baptist Women of the Pacific movement, which works across the region to connect, equip and mobilise women. 


Her professional experience working and leading in the public sector – combined with her spiritual gifts – has led her to accept the role as our Chair.


“I was honoured to be put forward for the role. I see it as a huge responsibility, but I also think I can contribute and serve our church in a meaningful way in this space,” she says.  “Looking back, I can see my career experience has been really helpful in developing the skills needed to manage something as precious as His Church.”


Riverlife is governed by a team of 8-12 Elders, who prayerfully endorse, resource and steward God’s vision for Riverlife. Our Elders are elected by our Members and usually serve a three-year term, with an option of being re-elected for another three-year term before stepping off eldership.


This is the first time Riverlife has had a woman in this role as Chair, which Marg thinks is a big step for the women in our church community.


“We know women are uniquely gifted, as are men,” Marg says. “God has gifted women right through the Bible; women like Deborah who was a Judge, through to other early leaders of the New Testament church who were women. He’s gifted all of us to contribute!” she says.


“Yes, this is something new for our church, but it’s something that shows women we support their giftedness and God-given abilities. Me stepping into this role is responding to the call of God on my life to use the gifts He’s given me in this particular sphere,” she says.


Marg is passionate about seeing our church reflect God’s desire for family. “My heart is for this to be a space where everyone – no matter who you are or what your life looks like – can walk in and instantly feel like you’ve been brought into a family and are welcomed.


“When I use the term ‘family’, I mean we’re all sons and daughters as part of God’s family; it goes beyond our earthly family. So, I want to see everyone thrive and flourish and live out their calling, no matter where they come from. And I look forward to seeing us go into our community and see our family grow.”


This is Marg’s second consecutive year as an Elder, but she’s previously served in the position some years ago when our church was based in Kenmore. And why does she love to volunteer her time to serve our church in this way?


“I love the experience of working on the Elders with such a diverse group of people from right across the church. It gives you the opportunity to hear different perspectives and to see Riverlife. When we come together, we have diversity and unity working together.”


Let’s pray for Marg as she steps into this governance role and discerns our steps, together with the rest of the Elders.


We have a members’ meeting on 27 March 7pm to vote in more Elders. All are welcome to attend!

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