Meet our faithful, hidden prayer warriors

A group of people passionate about praying for our church community

"God knows your thoughts, but He wants you to share them with Him.”

Words: Nikki Peck Published: 28 May 2024

Every Wednesday, a group of faithful prayers come into the Chapel with Bibles open, ready to pray for our church… and you!


They have been gathering, often unseen, for years, faithfully returning.


Meet three of the group – Marie, Geoff, and Judith – as they share their experiences and thoughts about prayer, learned over many years.



Marie >>

“Prayer is just verbalising what we are feeling inside. God knows your thoughts, but He wants you to share them with Him.”


“The most important thing I have found with prayer is to take your Bible, ask the Lord to give you a Scripture, and pray into it. That will be the best prayer you will ever pray. Scripture is your weapon against everything. You can stand against anything if you have Scripture in your heart.”



Geoff >>

“We can pray in faith, not just in hope. We often pray, hoping something might happen. But Jesus is always looking for faith. Time and time again in the Bible, Jesus says: “Where is your faith? Why did you doubt?” He said that to the disciples a lot and He says that to us a lot, too. So, when we pray for God to move, we pray in faith knowing that He will move, and He will move in ways we don’t even know about yet.”


“I like the prayer of people who say, “God if you’re there, help me.” That is quite powerful. We don’t have to be especially ‘good’… just real.”



Judith >>

“The love of the Lord keeps me coming back to pray each day, each year. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to speak to the Lord in an open way and tell Him what you are thinking.”


“I am someone who finds it difficult to speak out loud in prayer gatherings. It’s a reserve I have always had. I can pray when I am on my own, that’s no problem at all, but something happens when I am in a group.” But Judith overcomes that when she gathers each week!


You are welcome to join these prayer warriors each week – Wednesday, 11:30am-12:30pm, The Chapel


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