Care and Connection Pastor

I love helping people

connect into our church

family and find

their place to belong

I love helping people connect into our church family and find their place to belong

Ministry Areas

A bit about me
Having spent nearly 20 years working across a range of communication areas including public relations, marketing, events, education and training, the element I loved most was connecting with people. It wasn’t surprising therefore, that God called me to move into the Care and Connection space – I’m still communicating, just in a different way.

When I’m not working part-time at Riverlife, you can find me playing taxi to three boys, gardening or moving furniture around late at night. I’ve been married to Dan for 17 years, thanks to a chance meeting at a Life Group at Kenmore Baptist Church – turns out bible study is good for more than just reading God’s Word!
Most defining moment
When I think about the single most important thing I could ever teach or want for my boys – it’s to love God with their whole hearts and honour Him in everything they do. When I realised the enormity, but also simplicity of that notion, it changed everything.
Why I do it
God graciously transformed my life and I’d hate to think where I’d be without Him. He frames everything I do and gives my life purpose and meaning. It’s also such an adventure to say YES!

We have had the privilege of moving around as a family and spent five years living in Sydney. As a result, I know how important it is to find a church home where the whole family can feel connected and belong – hopefully I can help others do the same. I’ve always taken the perspective that if I’ve been somewhere for more than a week, I’m not ‘new’ anymore, so I can be on the lookout for someone who is, and help them to feel welcome.

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