Café Manager

God always has

my back, and He

walks with me

every day.

God always has my back, and He walks with me every day.

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A bit about me
I am married to David and we have three adult children – Mikahla, Ben and Nathan. David and I moved from Geelong to Brisbane in 2018, thinking our move would only be for 1-2 years, but obviously God had different plans! When I’m not managing the Riverlife Café, you’ll find me working at Camira State School in Administration; overseeing a program for young children two mornings a week; and running a Playgroup on Friday mornings. My weeks never look dull!
I love spending my weekends connecting and building community – on Saturdays, I love doing Street Teams, and on Sundays, you’ll find me somewhere in the Riverlife Café.
My current favourite song is ‘How Good the Lord’ is by Kingdom Culture.
Most defining moment
A life-changing moment for me was in 2014, when I underwent major surgery, and I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be. In this time, I really had to lean into God, and put my complete trust in Him. When life flashes before your eyes, crazy thoughts begin to run through your mind; I wasn’t sure if I would see my children grow up, get married or have children of their own.
Over this time, a couple of verses would jump out to me regularly, and they still do now. Look them up: Isaiah 40:31 and Phil 4:6 (I always remember this by the saying, “When in a fix remember Phil 4:6”).
God always has my back, and He walks with me every day.
Why I do what I do
I love people and seeing them engage with others, and feeling like they belong. That’s why I love being involved in the Café, and being part of the connection and community it brings.
If you would like to join the Café Team (barista, point-of-sales, fabulous cup writer, food service, the amazing cooking team, or as brilliant dish-washer) there is room for everyone! Send me an email at to find out more.

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