Children’s Pastor

There is nothing greater

to me than seeing a

child experience God’s

presence and believe

that He truly is who

He says He is.

There is nothing greater to me than seeing a child experience God’s presence and believe that He truly is who He says He is.

Ministry Areas

A little bit about me
I married the love of my life and best friend Chris in 2008 and we have two beautiful girls together. I studied floristry after school, but my greatest joy was having my daughters Grace in 2010 and then Ella in 2012. I was a full-time mum for eight years, and I adored it, but I always felt God’s call on my life to do more. My heart to see kids feel safe and loved extended well beyond my girls. I then volunteered and ran the Riverlife Playgroup for seven years and over the years have journeyed with so many families in those early years. In 2018 I took on a role here at Riverlife as the Kids Min Assistant and felt like I was stepping into something special God had for me. I never thought I would work in a church, but I absolutely love it, and being able to teach the next generation about God is such a privilege.
Most defining moment
A defining moment in my faith would have to be spending three years early in my marriage in a Life group at Riverlife with a group of people that were chasing God. We all wanted to see God move in every aspect of our lives and together we held each other up and pursued a deeper, more meaningful, relationship with Jesus. Over those years I learned what it was to hear God's voice and discovered my gifts and how God uses me to love others. Over those years God healed my heart of past wounds and then even healed my body. From that time of learning and discovering God with friends I have gained a real love for faith done in community; I love to see the good and the God called out in people and I learned how God chooses each one of us to do His work. All these things: community, encouragement, and being seen and heard are the foundation of my heart for our Kids ministry.
Why I do it
I honestly just love children. There is nothing greater than seeing a child fully understand just how special they are, how loved they are, and that God has a plan for their life. I do it for the kids, I want to be a part of the village that helps parents raise their children to be a generation that knows God and then teaches their children about God.

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