Making meals for those in need

Sometimes love looks like something

When love, care and community mesh together in a really practical way, the outcome is something that fills more than just a physical need. And that's what happened this morning.

Words: Nikki Peck Published: 14 February 2023

The Riverlife kitchen was a hub of activity this morning as 11 people gave up their time to cook meals for those in our church community who need some extra support.


The moment you walked in through those doors, you were hit with a sense of community and purpose and love. There was a supernatural buzz within that room, there’s no other way to really describe it.


From home cooks to an ex-chef, and people from all ages, genders and nationalities, everyone was so willing to help. At the end of the morning, the team was able to prepare about 30 meals, but it was more than that. They prayed over the food and invited God to minister to each person who would receive it.


The whole process of cooking was as much about community for those baking as it was those receiving. One person arrived from overseas last week and had an English lesson while baking banana bread! Two people, who had also only been in the church for a week, came to connect and meet people.


The team shared a Valentine’s Day morning tea together and they could take home photocopied recipes if they had enjoyed making a particular meal. It was such an amazing, joy-filled, supernaturally empowered morning.


There will be opportunities to cook meals quarterly, so if you’d like to join the team next time they meet, email Aimee at


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