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“You were singing in the womb. You were worshipping. You were worshipping before you took your first breath, you worshipped me…One thing remained – you didn’t stop singing…Right now, I am responding to your worship. It was dark and you worshipped anyway, and it was cold, and you found a song anyway and you sang in the night, you sang in the night, you sang in the night. Songs in the night. Worship lullaby CD. Create the worship lullaby CD. Premature babies will get healed as they listen. Autistic babies will be healed while they listen. Mothers who are infertile and can’t give birth will be healed and conceive while they listen. Worship lullabies – worship lullabies.” David Wagner, 1.09.18, Convergence Conference

Words: Scott and Annie McKinnon Read: 0 - 5 mins Published: 25 March 2020

We caught the breath of God through a prophetic word given to us in 2018.

God was pulling us up out of the plans we had crafted for our life, and calling us to something deeper, something far greater. It was at a corporate gathering where God had spoken to us to write an album that would reach out to those in need.

After receiving the prophetic word to “Create the worship lullaby CD”, we took some time to pray about what the Lord was saying to us. The Lord was speaking to us about family, about resting in His promises and about slowing the pace of our lives down. He was revealing to us a greater perspective, showing us a picture of miracles we could barely dare to dream up for ourselves.

We believe that prophecy is an invitation. The prophetic is a gift to be unwrapped, explored and enjoyed. It wasn’t created to be spoken into void. It requires action, obedience, community and, of course, the unwavering grace of God. We are so thankful for Jesus who, by His sacrifice, we can enjoy such intimacy, dialogue and communion with the Father. With God initiating this prophetic dialogue, it was now our turn to release the songs in our heart to Him and to the world.

After receiving this personal revelation from God about creating “worship lullaby” songs, (something we had never even considered before) we were very intentional about accepting this invitation and stewarding what the Lord had shown us. It was around this time that we were beginning to make plans to start our own family (funny how the Lord’s timing is always so perfect). When Annie fell pregnant in November of 2019, worship lullabies didn’t just appear in the sky with an angelic choir proclaiming the songs to be recorded (though, that would be a welcomed experience!) In fact, nothing happened at all.

We had to dig into the word given to us and agree with what was spoken. We were to be a part of this; it wasn’t going to happen if we weren’t going to do anything about it. God was showing us what it means to trust Him and be in partnership with Him. We needed to take the time to write these songs, to prioritise seeking Him and His presence through this project. We needed to experience the partnership of the Good Father.

Once we put the time aside and began to write and create, there was an ease to the process, unlike the struggle that can often come with song writing.

The Lord’s grace and favour was so evident. He had released us to create, released us to work with Him. It is from this place that, a little over a year from when we first started digging into this dream, we were able to record these songs and have them out in the world.

We have already seen the peace that these songs have brought our own daughter and friends with pregnancy scares. We are uncovering the depths of this project and learning that God is calling us all to rest, the cradle and the wise. He is singing these songs over new parents, experienced parents, yet-to-be-parents, daughters, sons, all His children. He is bringing us into a new revelation that we are all His children.

This title doesn’t require striving and it doesn’t require rushing – the simple receiving of rest and the simple action of obedience. Perhaps we are yet to see the full extent and fulfilment of the word, and perhaps we only will in the life that is yet to come, but we do believe we serve a gracious Father who loves to use His children to release them, to bring hope to the world He loves. So, all we can do is stand in confidence, with the faith that He desires, trust that He will fulfil what He has promised, for “…He who promised is faithful”
Hebrews 10:23.

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