Worship Pastoral Assistant

"I have a heart

to see the heavens

meet the earth"

"I have a heart to see the heavens meet the earth"

Ministry Areas

A bit about me
I’ve been around KBC/Riverlife most of my life and have had the privilege of being a part of a few different ministries, but mostly young adults and worship. I’m finishing up my Masters of Divinity this year, but also have an undergrad in ancient history and studies of religion – I’m always down for a chat about all things Mesopotamia, Old Testament and Hebrew!

Other than copious amounts of reading and study, I also enjoy football, cricket and tennis (not AFL!). On Saturdays you can find me playing for our Riverlife football club and/or staying up dangerously late to watch Swansea City struggle away in the Championship.

Of course, I also love worship and all things music. One of my biggest passions is songwriting, with a couple of albums currently in the works.
Most defining moment
Losing to a 10 year old in a state level table tennis tournament when I was 16 – great lesson in humility. In all seriousness, I don’t have a specific moment, but can think of countless small moments spent with amazing mentors, family members and friends who have taken the time to pray with me, walk alongside me and encourage me every day.
Why I do It
I have a heart to see the heavens meet the earth in the space of worship, where God is enthroned on the praises of his people. I’ve had the privilege of receiving from and growing within our worship and church community over the years and it’s an honour to be able to give back in this capacity.

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