Technical Director

Always tinkering to

make things better

Always tinkering to make things better

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A bit about me
I’ve grown up in the church and came to KBC/Riverlife when I was in high school. I’ve always had a keen interest in tech and anything behind the scenes - while most people were looking at the stage, I was looking at the lights and infrastructure! I joined the Riverlife staff in 2012 and began working alongside the planning for the facility build at Seventeen Mile Rocks. I now oversee the Production teams and AV equipment throughout the Riverlife facility.
Most defining moment
When I was a teenager my family and I went overseas for a year. It was an eye-opening time but also, for a family of six, a time to trust God practically as I’d never seen before – particularly in providing temporary accommodation for six people! This marked the real beginning of my faith as I saw God in action rather than just an idea on a Sunday.
Why I do It
I love to see excellence in what we do for God, like the skilled craftsman tasked to build the temple in Exodus. I know the skill that’s been given to me is for the purpose of glorifying Him.

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