Digital Content Coordinator

I'm all about

communicating messages

of God’s life,

hope and power.

I'm all about communicating messages of God’s life, hope and power.

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A bit about me
Since graduating university with a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Marketing over a decade ago, I’ve been on a mission to use my creativity and skills to communicate in a way that ignites action. Whether I’ve worked for not-for-profits or small businesses, my desire has always been to use my words purposefully to bring a message to life. When I’m not working part-time at Riverlife, my goal in life is to keep my three young children alive. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds! My days are spent going to parks while rescuing my children from swooping magpies, breaking up sibling fights over who wants a particular coloured cup, and refereeing wrestling matches that usually end in tears. I’ve been married to my husband Jona for 12 years – we were high school sweethearts and I still remember the days he would make mixed CDs and deliver them to me at the school tuckshop.
Most defining moment
One of my most life-defining moments would be when I truly experienced God’s power. At 18 years old, God delivered me from years of self-hatred and body image issues. Those lies had impacted my family for generations, and in an instant, I was released from them. When I felt His power and His peace, that changed everything for me. Ever since then, I’ve felt a passion to see others walk in freedom too.
Why I do it
Why not do it? When an opportunity came to use my skills to grow God’s Kingdom, how could I say no? I’m always looking for ways to say ‘yes’ to those God-given opportunities… maybe there’s an idea or opportunity burning in you now as you read this. Ask God and then just take a step.

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